Glue and Shortswords

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ITV Where Drama Lives Autumn 2014


halberds are cool… i miss them D:


halberds are cool… i miss them D:

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in all honesty this was a tough one lol

怜香伴 - the fragrant companion
怜香伴 was written by Li Yu, a late-Ming early-Qing actor and playwright, and tells the tale of two women, Cui Jianyun and Cao Yuhua, who meet at a temple and fall in love, and promise to be husband and wife in their next lives. Having newly married Fan Jiefu, Cui Jianyun convinces her husband to take Cao Yuhua as a second wife, so that the two might be together forever. [x]

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Star Trek: TNG | Season 3 Gag Reel

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Samurai Warriors 4 - Character: Ginchiyo Tachibana 

- The daughter of the famous Dōsetsu Tachibana of Kyūshū, she leads the Tachibana clan together with Dōsetsu’s adopted son, Muneshige. She has great pride and a generally unyielding personality. She never lets down her tough exterior and, when in battle, fights with a demeanor befitting the Tachibana name.

Complete list of vocabulary I picked up from watching Three Kingdoms 2010: